The vision for The Roland Center started in March 20, 1946 when Shirley and Ganzer Roland gave birth to their son Gunner. Born with cerebral palsy, the Roland’s envisioned a place where Gunner and other adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities could work, thrive and live self-sustaining lives, rather than be institutionalized, as was the norm. Together, with other like-minded parents, funds were raised through paper drives, rummage sales, and sales of Stanley Home Products and Christmas cards. Through their hard work and connections, the families got the land and enough materials to build a 4,000 foot facility in 1961.

Today, The Roland Center serves nearly 300 adults ranging from age 22 to 80 at its two center work centers. Our center offers high-quality rehabilitation, vocational training, job placement and work support services to the developmentally disabled. Our mission is to provide and promote opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to live, work and interact in the community and achieve their personal best.