San Gabriel Valley Training Center (SGVTC) offers various quality program services, starting with the Work Activity Program (WAP). Our Work Activity Program allows consumers to work in four areas: Computers, Production Assembly, Environmental Services, and Food Service Program.

Our mission is to serve adults with vocational and social disabilities by providing traditional and innovative programs. These developmental and vocational rehabilitation services will maximize their social and vocational potentials and provide community educational programs to enhance their understanding and acceptance of the programs.  It will also improve the communities’ understanding and acceptance of the disabled and promote their recognition and integration as functional community members.

Our Work Activity Program serves Developmental Disabled consumers that are referred to us ­by Regional Centers and the Department of Rehabilitation. The protocol is families or consumers will contact SGVTC and the different agencies and inform them of their interest in attending our facility. The Regional Center and Department of Rehabilitation will contact SGVTC and send a referral packet. SGVTC intake will decide whether the consumer will meet the entrance criteria for admission. Consumers may appeal the decision made by SGVTC intake.